I happen to think I live in a fabulous town, brimming with life by day and even [buried, as it is now as I write this] in the darkest night.  It's a town worth shouting about. That's why this blog. Over the next year, as often as time allows, whatever amuses, surprises or entertains me about Shrewsbury I’ll attempt to share with you. Are there buildings I’ve always wondered about - I’ll try to get into them and tell you what they're like.  Are there people I’d like to meet [and you might too] - I’ll try to introduce myself.  Are there things about the town I never knew – I’ll try to dig up some of those too.  

Shrewsbury's not just about the past, despite all its old buildings. Day by day it comes alive because of people making it their own. That's why I'm calling this website My Tonight in Shrewsbury. I can't promise to write every day [if you leave your email address you'll be notified when I do] but I can promise that it'll be a personal take. I'm not the local tourist board. I don't represent the town council. I’m not even some great authority on Shrewsbury.  I’m just a writer and local resident who’s prepared to go on a year-long walk and see what I find.  I won't always get things right. There'll be errors here in these pages.  Things I misunderstand, mistake or just plain miss. But I'll do my best, and I'll try to travel with an open [and curious] mind. So travel with me, please. My hopes are high for 2013.  

[Photographs taken on the night of December 31st 2012 in Shrewsbury, England,
copyright Pauline Fisk]


  1. Hello
    I wanted to write to say I have just started reading your blog posts and they interest me as it gives me a different insight into Shrewsbury. I live in East London and have been visiting Shrewsbury for the past 7 years now for holidays and day trips and from my very first visit fell in love with the place and now have discovered more of Shropshire through travelling around. Although I don’t live in Shrewsbury, it's more of a home from home now; I still like to find out what’s happening and the latest developments in the area. I keep 3 blogs and on various occasions over the past few years have posted about Shrewsbury (and Shropshire) from taking part in creative workshops with Bespoke Creations, some of my favourite shops, The Hive, local artisans, to a river boat cruise on the Sabrina. Our house in London has turned into a shrine to Shropshire. We love it – it has the best of both worlds: Historically Classic and Currently Modern all at the same time.

  2. Hello Debrafide,

    Thanks for your message. It's exactly to bring people the insight into Shrewsbury and sense of the town's life that you talk about in your message that I set up this blog. This is such a great town to live in, and the countryside around it is fantastic [something else to feature during the year]. But what makes the town as much as its fine buildings, beautiful river, lovely parkland, little shops, market hall etc., is its people. In one sense they're just like people anywhere. In another each and every one of them is special and interesting and has their story to tell.

    Yes to historically classic and currently modern. Shrewsbury has both. It's a thriving town with a contemporary life. Glad to hear you come as often as you can, and I hope you continue to enjoy the town and find some new corners to explore. Some of my own children live/work in London [including East London] so they enjoy the mix as well.

    I will indeed stay creative and keep blogging, and I hope you do too.