It's been a busy year editing down this 200,000 word blog into a 75,000 word book without losing a post.  But that book is now published by Merlin Unwin Books, entitled Books as 'BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IN AN ENGLISH COUNTRY TOWN - the My Tonight From Shrewsbury blog'.  It still contains many of the photos that you'll find on the blog, and is a paperback, coming in at £9.99.  It was very important to us that it should be affordable, not a big coffee-table book at a wince-making price.

The book had its launch party at Shrewsbury's new Museum and Art Gallery.  Having most of the year's interviewees all in one space at one time was a memorable experience. A cake was made for the event, depicting Shrewsbury as seen in the historic Burleigh Map of Tudor Shrewsbury. Books were sold, cake eaten, drinks drunk - the evening was a huge success. Below are some pics of launch night, including the cake being cut by John Thornhill of Candle Lane Books, Margaruite Birch of C.R. Birch & Sons and Baby Austin, ably helped by her mother, Jessicah Kendrick of the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse.

You can BUY THE BOOK here. Signed copies may still be available from Merlin Unwin, who are currently doing a three-for-two deal on it. Over the next few months I'll be giving illustrated talks on the writing of the book.  If you'd like me to visit your town/group/school/library/whatever, I can be contacted HERE or via the Pauline Fisk page on Facebook.

On a personal note, can I say what an incredible twenty months it's been since I started this blog. The following it has received has been phenomenal. A massive thank you to everybody who has helped make the blog - and now the book - what it is.  'Travel with me, please.  My hopes are high,' I wrote on January 1st 2013, and here on 4th September 2014, with Behind Closed Doors in my hand, my hopes are high again.


  1. is the book available to buy yet? :)

  2. September, Laura. I'll post the actual date when I have it here and on the My Tonight From Shrewsbury FB page. Thanks for asking.