Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Boxing Day Walk

 I did it in high summer* - left Shrewsbury behind and headed for the hills one glorious day when the sun was shining and Shropshire's hedgerows were heavy with wild roses beneath a cloudless sky.  Now on a similarly bright day, albeit cold and wintery, I've done it again, and to the same hills too. 

Here - leaving behind queues on Pride Hill for the Boxing Day sales [already in place by 6.00am, would you believe], the Severn bursting its banks, and flood defences up on Frankwell Quay - is my Boxing Day walk.  Shropshire is a county rich with beauty. Shrewsbury is only one jewel in its crown, and the Long Mynd is another. See what I mean:

*PS. Here's that high summer post


  1. Amazing! Live in Morda just out side of Oswestry and surrounded by places like this- in love! Hope that you enjoyed your walk. Is Shropshire still flooded?

  2. The Severn seemed down slightly this morning, Chelsea, but it's still well over its banks and still running wild and fast. Yes, don't we live in am amazing place. And in every season too.