Tuesday, 5 November 2013


The title says it all, really.  Ms X and I went out on a cake-finding mission this morning. Those of you who came across Ms X earlier in the year will know that she's my secret shopper, and may be only three years old but has impeccable taste.  This time out, at the top of Roushill the two of us discovered Empire Cupcakery who are about to celebrate their first year with a party on 9th November at their coffee-and-cake shop, 5 Roushill.  Live music, food and complimentary first drink - I may well go along, but Ms X won't be there. Unfortunately for her it all kicks off after her bedtime. 

Anyway at 11 o'clock this morning, bedtime was far away. We ordered drinks and cakes and sat down. Mx X had chosen a monster-faced cake with red stringy hair. I'd chosen rainbow cake, and when Ms X had devoured her choice  [this didn't take long] she wanted what remained of mine.  I made the mistakes of buying cakes for later, because even at 4.00pm, Ms X was still so full that she couldn't eat. Good job I hadn't bought the green stringy-haired birthday cake and the Santa Christmas cake that she'd caught sight of and wanted too.    

Empire Cupcakes aren't just prettily iced faces, they're made of light-as-air sponge.  Congratulations to the company on its first year.  I wish it well. If you want a cake for a special occasion, here's their website. It's worth a click. If you have a Ms X of your own, their coffee-and-cake shop is worth a visit. Even if you don't, it's worth a visit if you happen to like cake - which it must be obvious that I do.

And as I write this now, here's all that is left:

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