Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Has Shrewsbury Ever Looked More Beautiful Than It Does Today?

I had something else in mind to write about today, but what a beautiful day it is. After the storm that hit so much else of the country - though thankfully not Shrewsbury, at least with its full 100 mile per hour force - how can I not marvel at this morning's clear blue skies and crystal russets and golds. A perfect day for celebrating the beauty of our town in autumn.   

Here's this morning's dog walk then, heading through St Alkmund's churchyard, down Fish Street, across the top of the Cop, up Belmont Bank [the home of monster spiders], round Old St Chad's Churchyard, through the Square, across High Street and back home via Butcher Row, St Alkmond's Square and St Mary's Church.  I'm not claiming much for my photography [iPhone], but the views speak for themselves:


As if that's not enough loveliness for one day, here's this afternoon's dog walk too. The sun was still shining, so Biffo and I decided what better place than the Quarry [our local park]. Half way across it, we stopped off to admire the Dingle, which to my mind is even more beautiful in shades of green and gold than in its high summer colours. Then we cut over Porthill Bridge by the Boathouse pub, up Beck's Field to the top of the hill [to admire the town's spires and domes beneath a bright blue sky], then along the swollen Severn, over Kingsland Bridge, up Swan Hill and through the bustling lanes and passages that lead back home:


I wish I could have captured more of the essence of what today has been like. I can't remember any  occasion, no matter how special, when Shrewsbury has looked more beautiful than it does today. 

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